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Being vegan is awesome 🤩 but shopping for vegan products is not always easy.

Write a shopping list and head to the high street and you’ll never find everything in one shop. You’ll be lucky if it’s only a dozen shops, and even luckier if you can actually find everything you wanted… 😩

And it’s the same story online. Sure, everything’s at your fingertips and you can find some good brands with a bit of Googling, but entering your credit card details for the tenth time can get taxing…

There’s always Amazon, right? They’ve got loaaaads of stuff. But as much as we love the service and selection they offer, do any of us really feel good about supporting a business like that?

This was the thought process that led us to etico.

What’s the solution?

What if we could make shopping for vegan products so much easier?

What if you could find tonnes of vegan products in one place, browse every product on a website safe in the knowledge that it’s ALL vegan, and what if you could choose a basketful of brilliant products from sensational producers and check out in one go?

Well that would be like Amazon, but for vegans.

So that’s what we’re creating! 🤗

A 100% vegan marketplace

Etico is a vegan marketplace of brilliant brands and businesses that craft and create 100% vegan products 🌱

We have personal care brands creating skincare ranges and haircare products.

We work with food and drink brands producing alternative cheeses, healthy snacks and gorgeous chocolates.

There are sports nutrition brands crafting vegan protein powders, and supplement producers creating vegan vitamins and minerals.

And we have vendors with household goods; from kitchen tools to household cleaning equipment.

But why should you buy through etico?

Well, here are just a few reasons…

Voting with your wallet

Never underestimate the power of voting with your money. And that votes counts triple when you buy a vegan product from a vegan brand on a 100% vegan marketplace like etico.

Support 100% vegan brands

Many of the brands on etico are 100% vegan. Their products are entirely vegan, and veganism is a central part of their ethos and culture. So supporting these brands by buying their products is a fantastic choice.

Checkout in one go

Purchase everything you need in one transaction. Checkout in one go. Enter your payment details just once. And manage everything you’ve bought in one simple, easy-to-manage order.

Steal some market share from Amazon

Wouldn’t it be great if veganism had a huge global brand like Amazon on it’s side. But one with much stricter ethical standards, and one that paid its taxes… Well, we have a long way to go, but etico’s the first step in that direction.

Discover new brands

We’re constantly searching for vegan brands and vegan product ranges from businesses big and small. So we bet you’ll find a new favourite every time you visit.

Encourage more big brands to go vegan

There are some brands on etico who have released a vegan range as part of their wider product range. If they sell a lot of this range on Amazon then they might think, “hey 🤷‍♀️ that’s just Amazon, it’s not necessarily because we made the range vegan”. Now imagine if they suddenly see loads of sales from a 100% vegan website. It might raise some eyebrows 🤔

So if you had to choose where to buy your vegan products, which website would you choose?

Ready to go? Let's shop.