nutriburst Healthy Muscles & Bones – Calcium & Vitamin D (60 gummy vitamins)


Vegan and sugar free gummy vitamins. Natural lemon flavoured calcium & vitamin D. 60 gummies.

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It’s time to build inner strength with our gummy vitamins.

Calcium is vital for energy, muscle function and bone health. We need calcium every day to keep our bodies stronger for longer.

Why vitamin D? It helps your body absorb even more calcium. And we can’t get all the vitamin D we need from food alone, according to research from the British Dietetic Association.

Exercise is one of the best things we can do for energy, muscle development and bone health. But let’s be honest: our fit intentions don’t always come good. So taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement is a smart back up.

For years, calcium tablets have had a bad rep. We’re saying a great big NO WAY to forcing down giant pills. These chewy citrus-flavoured gummy vits make being healthy a whole lot easier, and they tick the taste box too.

No sugar. No gluten. No milk. 100% vegan. Just a big burst of nutriburst strength.


  • Sugar-free calcium: The trouble with some calcium-rich foods is that they’re often high in sugar. These gummy vitamins are proudly sugar-free.
  • Bone health: We lose bone density as we age, because we lose calcium faster than we can store it. A daily supplement will keep you topped up.
  • Muscle development: Calcium supports muscle function, including your heartbeat.
  • Energy: Calcium helps release energy from your food.

All our vitamins are vegan and sugar free, have been made to the highest quality and have been independently lab tested.

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