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We’re etico; an ethical marketplace of 100% vegan products.

Walk into almost any store in the UK and you’ll be faced with the same question: which products are vegan? What follows is an endless hunt from product to product scanning the ingredients to uncover brands that adhere to your ethics.

So here’s an easier alternative. An online marketplace that sells exclusively vegan products.

This means you can shop faff-free without the worry, because we’ve gone to the extra effort to vet these products for you.

Our range includes divine food and drink brands, gorgeous health and beauty products, vegan sports nutrition and supplement products, and ethical household goods from environmentally-conscious brands.

You’ll see lots of your favourite brands on here, but also some more you might not have heard of before. Take some time to browse our full range and discover some new products that may well become your new favourites.

In time, we see our product range expanding to include more products from brands that have been curated for their ethical ideology and moral approach to business.

So check back with us regularly to see what’s new.

What’s a vegan marketplace?

A marketplace is a website where you can purchase products directly from the producer. Think of us like an Amazon, just without the billions and with an ethical, vegan ethos.

All our vendors list their own products. When you order through etico, your products are shipped directly from each vendor you bought from. They have complete control of their own pricing, their delivery rules and the content of their listings.